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General Server Rules:

¤ It is forbidden to advertise another forums or any kind of servers.

¤ It is forbidden to use any kind of cheats, hacks, scripts, no recoil, map bugs.

¤ It is forbidden to Ban/ Kick/ slay/ slap players without reason.

¤ It is forbidden to ask for explanations to admin if he do not use any command on you.

¤ It is forbidden to do reconnect, to remove the gag.

¤ It is forbidden to reveal other players location.

¤ It is strictly forbidden to use any type of MODS.

¤ It is forbidden to swear or insult other players.

¤ It is strictly forbidden to comment on any religion.

¤ CT's Will be Slapped/Slayed/Kicked if Dont go for Defuse.


Camping Rules:

¤ Camping is Allowed for CTs all time in the ROUND ( Except after Bomb Plant )

¤ Camping for Terrorists is allowed almost everywhere on map, Except TERRORIST SPAWN itself 

¤ Terrorists are not Allowed to Camp too far away from the Bomb Site After Bomb Plant .

Ban Duration:

§  Insult : 5min – permanent
§  Advertising : 30min - permanent
§  Nick Tag copying : 5min
§  Ping/lag related problems : 5-60min
§  Laming/ Troublemaker/ Flood : 30min
§  Avoiding Ban : Permanent
§  Cheating : 1 day – permanent
§  Avoiding Gag : 120 min
Note: If someone insults warn him first else Ban.
(Think before giving permanent ban for insult)

Rules For Admins:

§  Admin sharing is forbidden.

§  It is forbidden to get low active in your suspend period, otherwise admin rights will be removed.

§  It is forbidden to use any type of disrespectful word in admin chat (HUD Message).

§  It is forbidden to use any command on any other admin.

§  It is not allowed to use Slap Command on yourself.

§  It is mandatory to kick afks as soon as you find one irrespective of being T or CT.

§  Admins can slap (one to four times) to a camper initially if camper does not respond then he should be slayed .No kicks will be entertained in case of camping.

§  Before banning a player for any reason admin must carry a proof.

§ It is Forbidden to Restart Server when Match is Going on, Admins can use (amx_restartmatch) Instead if something wrong Happens. 

§ It is Strictly forbidden to BAN any other ADMIN

Rules For Super Admins:
§  No super admin shall intervene with admins decision until he thinks it is unfair. If he does so then proof is required for his actions.
§  All super admins must ensure that admins follow the above written rules.
§  In case of absence of any admin, super admins are required to carry out the duty of admins.
§  Before every SPR round super admins must make a VOTE poll and announcement of its commencement (HUD Message) in order to avoid confusion.

§  No SuperAdmins Have Rights to Stop a Match without a Strong Reason.

§  SuperAdmins are Allowed to BAN a ADMIN only at the situation when the ADMIN is Cheating or have Violated any RULES written here for Admins, PERMANENT BAN will not be Entertained in any Case.

Forum Rules:

§  It is strictly forbidden to use any type of harsh words / slangs on any threads / shout box.

§  Interference won’t be tolerated on ban appeal.

§  Banned player and the admin (who banned) can only comment on the particular thread.


We reserve the right to remove rights for breaking rules or abuse of rights WITHOUT REFUND.


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